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Product Product Code Form Retail Price Notes
Dynamic Slender Drink R383 Powder (strawberry kiwi) $33.25 New/Improved Formula
Dynamic Performance Drink R454 Powder (blackberry) $61.95 New/Improved Formula


Products We No Longer Stock

Product Code Substitution/Notes Code
Acute Phase M204 Injury & Surgical Support Formula R241
AdvaClear® - 126C - Large M170L Detox Support R102L
AdvaClear® - 42C - Small M170 Detox Support R102
Andrographis Plus® - 30T - Small M100 Immune Support R156
Andrographis Plus® - 90T - Large M100L Immune Support R156
Arginine Plus® M137 Pure L-Arginine HCl K458
Attencia® M164 Brain Restore/Dynamic Brain Restore Powder R152, R166
Bone Builder® Active M821 Bone Support with Magnesium R830
Bone Builder® Chewable M816C Suppys Coming Soon TBD
Bone Builder® Vegetarian 270T - large M886L Cal Mag 750 D09
Bone Builder® Vegetarian 90T - small M886 Cal Mag 750 D09
Bone Builder® with Boron M816L M.C.H.C. Caps P834
Cardiogenics® Intensive Care M819I Dynamic Cardio Flow R157
Clear Change® Daily Essentials M143 Detox Phase I & II R401
CoQ10 ST-100® 120s - large M109L Offer - CoQ10 100mg R350
CoQ10 ST-200® M182 CoQ10 200 mg R350EL
D3 Liquid (Metagenics) M183 Micellized D3 R281
E Complex-1:1™ 180SG - large M110L E-400 with Mixed Tocopherols P2073
E Complex-1:1® 60SG - small M110 E-400 with Mixed Tocopherols P2073
E-400 Selenium® 180T - large M833L N/A N/A
E-400 Selenium® 60T - small M833 N/A N/A
Echinacea Synergy® M853 Biocidin® LSF B128
Echinacea Synergy® 120T - large M853L Biocidin® LSF B128
Essential Defense® M921 N/A N/A
Exhilarin® M112 Adrenal Resilience P1093
EZ Flex® M832 N/A N/A
Fem Essentials® M706 Essential Multi with Iron R717
Fem Premenstrual® M713 Estro Balance or Dynamic Hormone Balance R127, R914/R915
Fenugreek Plus® M120 Gluco RI R960
Fibroplex® 120T - small M908 ATP Energy P495
Fibroplex® 240- large M908L ATP Energy P495
Healthy Transform. Wt. Loss (HTVS) Soup & Shake M190V N/A N/A
Hemagenics® 180T - large M847L Iron Support R847
Hemagenics® 60T - small M847 Iron Support R847
HisSynergy® M721 Herbal Arouse-M® P955
Inflavonoid Intensive Care® Capsules M856IC Inflam-Eze Plus R856
Inflavonoid® Capsules M854 Curcumin 400x R268
Inflavonoid® Capsules M854L Curcumin 400x R268
Intesol® M129 Dynamic GI Integrity R325
Intrinsi B12/Folate® 180T - large M857L B12 Methyl Pro T2181
Kaprex® 20S - small M121 Inflam-Eze Plus R856
Kaprex® 60S - large M121L Inflam-Eze Plus R856
Kaprex® AI M128A Inflam-Eze Plus R856
Ketogenic Shake - chocolate M208C Dynamic Burn R441
Ketogenic Soup M212 N/A N/A
L-Carnitine M827 L-Carnitine 500 P989
Lipo-Gen® 270T - large M863L Lipotrope P979
Meta I-3-C® 180C - large M113L I-3-C Plus R404
MetaKids™ Baby Probiotic M159 UltraBiotic Daily powder R890P
MetaKids® Multi Soft Chew M852 Suppys Multi Vitamin Y1000/Y1005
MetaKids® Nutrition Powder - Chocolate M402C N/A N/A
MetalloClear® M178 Detox Phase I & II, Nutri-ChelX, or Dynamic Detox R401, R440, R104C/R104V
MetaRelax® M224 Mag Calm Pro T2122
MitoVive® M135 Cellular Energy R145, R145L
Multigenics® (with Iron) 180T - large M875L Multi Plus D33
Multigenics® (with Iron) 90T - small M875 Multi Caps P967/P967L
Multigenics® Chewable M874 Multi Caps P967/P967L
Multigenics® Intensive Care Formula (with Iron) M880 Essential Multi with Iron R717
Multigenics® Intensive Care without Iron M861 Multi Plus D33
Multigenics® without Iron 180T - large M876L Multi Plus D33
Multigenics® without Iron 90T - small M876L Multi Plus D33
Neurosol® M115 Coming soon a PEA/ALA formula. Name TBD R184
NuSera® M168 GABA-Val P935
NutraGems® CoQ10 300 M185 CoQ10 200 mg R350E
OmegaGenics® EPA-DHA 300 Algae M280 N/A N/A
Perfect Protein® Pea & Rice - Choc M897C Dynamic Daily Meal R323C
Perimine® M133 N/A N/A
Protrypsin® 60T - small M811 Nutrazyme TZ120
Selestro® M942 Meopause Support R264/R264L
Silymarin 80® M896 Milk Thistle Complex® P416
SpectraZyme Pan 9x - 270T - Large M807L Digestive Complete R987, R987L
SpectraZyme® Complete 180c - large M712L Digestive Vegetarian R712
SpectraZyme® Complete 60c - small M712 Digestive Vegetarian R712
SpectraZyme® Gluten Digest - 90 Caps M878 N/A N/A
Spectrazyme® Metagest® 270T - large M869L Nutri HCl Support R869L
St. John's Wort with Folate and B12 M946 New Mood P468
Tran-Q® M933 Stress Essentials Relax R169
Ultra Calm Bar Chocolate Coconut M281CC N/A N/A
Ultra Energy Bar - Caramel Sea Salt M242CS N/A N/A
Ultra Energy Bar - Cookie Dough M242CD N/A N/A
Ultra Potent-C® 500 M910 Vitamin C 1000 Complex R173
Ultra Potent-C® Chewable M812 TonicSea Coming Soon TBD
Ultra Potent-C® Powder M912 C Aspa Scorb® P851
Ultra Protein Bar - Peanut Butter M151P N/A N/A
Ultra Protein Bar® - Double Choc M151D N/A N/A
UltraFlora® Immune Booster M835 Probiotic Complete R893
UltraFlora® Restore M837 Probiotic Complete R893
UltraFlora® Women's M834 N/A N/A
UltraGI Replenish® 14 serv. Pouch Choc. H291C Dynamic GI Restore R326C
UltraGI Replenish® 14 serv. Pouch Van. H291V Dynamic GI Restore R326V
UltraMeal® Cardio 360® Pea & Rice - Van H301V Dynamic Cardio-Metabolic R334C
UltraMeal® Daily Support H514B Dynamic Daily Meal R323C/R323V
UltraMeal® RICE - chocolate H323RC Dynamic Daily Meal R323C
UltraMeal® RICE - vanilla H323RV Dynamic Daily Meal R323V
Vasotensin® M142 BP Support (coming in the future) TBD
VenaPlex® M132 Legs On Edge P449
Wellness Essentials® M275 Everyday Essentials Active R275A
Wellness Essentials® Healthy Balance M275B Everyday Essentials Active & Gluco IR R275A, R960
Zinc Drink™ M985 Zinc Pro R913